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Jeju Education Museum

Hall 1 Tamna Dynasty to Japanese Colonial Era

In Exhibition Hall 1, the development of Jeju education from ancient times up to Independence is on display across the 13 corners of the hall.

Education in Jeju is classified and introduced according to time periods such as the ancient times, the Tamna Dynasty, the Coryeo Dynasty, the Joseon Dynasty, the Japanese Colonial era and so on. On display are scenes of traditional Jeju choga reproducing seodang and models of hyanggyo, a national educational institution from the Joseon Dynasty. In addition, materials related to hyanggyo and materials related to social education in the Joseon Dynasty, Jeju sahak, modern schooling, colonial education under the Japanese Empire, and national and social education under the Japanese Empire are on display.

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Hall 2 From Independence to the Present

In Exhibition Hall 2, exhibits related to the topic of Jeju education after Independence until the present are on displayed in 8 corners of the hall.

Materials on display in each exhibition corner include an outdoor tent classroom displayed by diorama techniques, materials related to education during the American Military Occupation, Jeju education during the challenging period, education in the ‘50s, and from the ’60s up to the present.

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Hall 3 Spirit of Jeju Education

In Exhibition Hall 3, exhibits related to the topic of the spirit of Jeju education are on display in 9 corners of the hall.

Materials on display in each exhibition corner include various educational materials such as the Jeju language exhibit showing the linguistic culture of Jeju, the recreational culture of Jeju children displayed by diorama techniques, teaching and learning materials, office equipment, special education, scouts, market mothers of the ‘60s, an old typewriter, old (vinyl) records, the pride of Jeju schools, a lunch box, and more.

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Hall 4 The transition of Jeju education

In Exhibition Hall 4, exhibits related to the topic of the transition of Jeju education are on display in8 corners of the hall.

Materials on display in each exhibition corner include educational materials such as the transitional history of the curriculum from the 1st national curriculum period to the 7thcurriculum period, textbooks corresponding to each period, the educational plans made by each school, the loyalty, filial piety and fidelity of Jeju, the spirit of Jeju, old matriculation ceremony and sports day images, miniatures portraying a graduation ceremony, the textbook production process, major educational institutions’signboards, and more.

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Lobby Street of Reminiscence

On the first floor of the lobby, one can visit“Gyoga Noraebang”and sing school songs and cheers, the old comic book store, and see old stationery from the 1960s.

On the second floor of the lobby, you can appreciate the “Classroom of Reminiscence”which reproduces an old classroom and various exhibits such as pottery, everyday tools, school magazines, old currencies, and more.

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Outdoor Traditional Choga and Stone Culture of Jeju

This is a place where you can experience traditional recreational activities such as Neolttwigi (similar to see-sawing)and Yutnori, and you can see traditional choga and appreciate various stone-made exhibits such as everyday tools used in the past in Jeju.

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