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1. Jeju Eduction in Ancient Times

Literacy education in Jeju Island began when King Won of Tamna-guk (Tamna State) sent people to Silla in 684 to learn the Idu script. Although Tamna-guk continued to exist as a state until the early Goryeo dynasty, it was subjugated under Goryeo as Tamna-gun (the district of Tamna) in 1105 during the Goryeo dynasty, and thus accordingly became subjectto the educational system of Goryeo. Subsequently, educationin Jeju was brought under the system of the central government of the Joseon Dynasty, by which all educational conditions and objectives were established and organized. In this exhibition space, ancient relics that have been passed down through the eras of Tamna-guk, the Three Kingdoms of Korea, the Goryeo Dynasty, and the Joseon Dynasty are on display.


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