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1. Periods of the 1st to 4th National Curriculum

Period of Instruction Outline Program (1945~1954) : Following independence, the Bureau of Education of the U.S. Military Government in Korea established an outline program of instruction to publish and textbooks to use.
The 1st (1954~1963) : After the establishment of the government and the Korean War, a new form of education corresponding with progressive educational trend sin the United States was emphasized.
The 2nd (1963~1973) : After the May 16 Coup, national identity and economic development were emphasized.
The 3rd (1973~1981) : Emphasized the development of people’s qualifications and human education in an industrialized society based on an academic-centered curriculum.
The 4th (1981~1987) : Implemented with the establishment of the 5th Republic in the direction of realization of the welfare society and achieving a just society, instead of considering the economy as top priority.

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