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Copyright Protection Policy

All contents provided on the homepage of Jeju Education Museum i.e. web documents, attached files, DB information, etc. are copyrighted works protected by copyright laws, and unless a separate copyright notice or other source is otherwise stated, the copyright belongs to Jeju Education Museum in principle. Therefore, please note that unauthorized copying or distribution of the content provided by Jeju Education Museum is an offense of infringement on copyright under Article 103 of the Copyright Act.
  • If you wish to profit from the content of Jeju Education Museum or enjoy corresponding benefits, you should separately consult with the person in charge at Jeju Educational Museum in advance or obtain permission, and even in the case of posting the content of the materials by obtaining agreement or permission, it must be clearly stated that the source is Jeju Education Museum.
  • Even when posting the content of Jeju Education Museum on other internet sites based on appropriate procedures, unauthorized alteration of the contents other than simple error correction is prohibited, and any violation may be considered as a criminal offense.
  • When linking other internet sites to the homepage of Jeju Education Museum, Jeju Education Museum must be notified of the link.
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