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When passing Namsugak near Dongmun-ro, Jeju-si, part of Jeju-seong (a castle) from the past can be seen and, below the castle, there is Ohyundan. Ohyundan was where memorial ceremonies were performed for five individuals judged by the Jeju people as being sages from the past, and it is Jeju Island’s Regional Cultural Heritage Monument No. 1.

What is Ohyun?
This refers to five people including Chungam Kim Jung, who was exiled to Jeju in 1520 and taught, Gyuam Song In-soo, who was appointed to Jeju as a moksa (magistrate) in 1534, Donghye Jung On, who was exiled to Jeju in 1614, Chungeum Kim Sang-hun, who was sent down as a pacification commissioner (Glossary of Korean History), and Wooam Song Si-yeol, who was exiled in 1689.
Ohyun, while staying in Jeju, enlightened the people of Jeju Island, taught the scholarly spirit of Korea, and created new cultural influences.


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